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/erre lù·ce/ 

Meaning behind reverse R
is coming from Ukrainian,
means I or me.
In Italian alphabets, they
spelled R-word with ERRE.

Comes from Italian words of
Light / Lighting

Studio: About

believe + professionalism

ЯLUCE ​ is an award-winning lighting design consulting practice based in Jakarta since 2015. We are committed to the idea of collaboration throughout the design process and placed the highest possible emphasis on communication with all parties, from the client to the architect, interior designer, landscape, branding, graphic, etc. Our work is driven by a strong emphasis on research, analysis, and experience. We believe that by understanding the basic concept of the spaces, materials, and objects, we can create aesthetically lighting solutions that give way to new forms of expression and interaction that balance emotion and quality in architecture + interior.

Studio: About
Profile Picture

Ryan Salim, MA

founder & principal in design

Ryan has a different perspective on how to see and achieve fresh design ideas and concepts. He believed that being less is the idea to get more perspective. Master graduated from Milan, as a professional Italian lighting designer, he achieved another level of seeing the space within the light to ensure the balance between emotion and quality either interior or architecture. He also believes only thru collaboration projects able to reach their potential.

Studio: About


Merit in Interior Design Award 2020 by BCI Asia Award (IDA)

Seniman Ruang x erreluce

Project: Kisaku, Laksana Street I / 24, South Jakarta

Category: F&B


Exi(s)t #3 2014 - Pecahan Memori 

Curated by Mitha + FX Harsono

Location: Dia.lo.gue, Kemang

Bintaro Design District (BDD) 2019 - PlayMat

In collaboration with Antikode X Seniman Ruang X erreluce

Location: Thelapan, Bintaro Sector 7

a Beautiful Mess by Wonder of Weaving 2021

In collaboration with ByoLiving X Sandei X Seniman Ruang X erreluce X Antikode

Location: Kumulo BSD, The Breeze



Korea Interior Magazine | Home Magazine Thailand

Honorable Mentioned, Lighting Design Award 2021 by LIT Design Award

erreluce x einstein & associates

Project: Monsieur Spoon, Urban Farm, Golf Island, North Jakarta

Category: F&B

Sawo Coffee Rontgen, Bandung

Talaga Sampireun, Bekasi

Studio: CV
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